Express Entry

Express Entry

The express entry program is completely electronic application process which will make your dream of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident come true within a short period of time.   The Express Entry system is focused on giving priority ‘Highly Skilled Professionals and Workers”.

How does it work?

Express entry is a three-stage process


You will need to fill out a profile for EE and the application is ranked based on points system. The more the points, the higher the rank.


Your rank determines if you will be invited to apply for PR at scheduled draw.


Once you receive the invite to apply for, you get 60 days to arrange all paperwork and send in the final application.

The application is usually processed in 6 months time period.

What determines points for EE?

Your education level

Your expertise in English and/or French

Your work experience and skills

Your age

Job offer in Canada

Spouse's education, language skills and work experience

You can get additional points for any education in previous Canada or if are ready to accept provincial Nomination.
So Contact Us today, to help you fill-in the application on your behalf.