LMIA / Work Permit


Canada is a prime destination for many foreign nationals who are seeking employment opportunities. The country boasts a strong and diverse economy with a high-standard of workplace safety, competitive wages, and many opportunities for professional growth and development. So, in order to obtain a Canadian Work Permit, one has to get LMIA approval, except in a few cases.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) makes sure that any incoming new foreign workers would have no negative affect on the labour market in Canada.

Finding a job in Canada

The first step in getting a Canadian Work permit is to find a job, which is a daunting process. Canrise Immigration makes this process easier for you by matching you up with eligible employers and hence obtain you LMIA.

A foreign national cannot apply for an LMIA. Rather, LMIAs are documents which must be applied for by a Canadian employer. While sometimes it is possible to hire a foreign worker who is exempt from needing an LMIA, or who is exempt from requiring a work permit, all streams of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) require that an employer obtain an LMIA in order to hire outside of Canada.

This is where we come in help employers to hire foreign workers!