Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominees

​Provincial Nomination is for people who:


Have the necessary skill, education and/or work experience to contribute to economic growth of a certain province.


Want to live in a certain province


Want to become permanent resident of Canada
Each Province and Territory of Canada has its own special Nomination program. We specialize in British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP).
British Columbia is one of the most ‘liveable’ provinces in Canada due to is favourable weather, scenic beauty and growing economy. BC PNP accepts applications under following systems:

1. Skills Immigration (also includes Express Entry)

Applications are accepted in this scheme under following categories:

Skilled Worker

You shall be considered a skilled immigrant if:

Entry-level & Semi Skilled worker

This category allows workers in a valid tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking or food processing occupation to gain permanent residence in BC.

Healthcare Professional

Since British Columbia has a high demand for healthcare professionals, physicians, specialists, nurses and allied health professionals can gain Canadian Permanent residency under this category.

International Graduate

​If you graduated from an eligible Canadian University or College in the last 3 years, then you are qualified to apply for BC PNP under this category.

International Post Graduate

A graduate degree in  Sciences from a eligible Canadian Institute can help you get BC Nomination for PR. 
Applicable science streams include:

2. Entrepreneur Immigration

This program is either for individuals: